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View What Is The Name Of The First Industrial Robot Pics. George devol's most famous invention—the first programmable industrial robot—started a revolution in manufacturing that continues to this day. The first company to produce a robot was unimation, founded by devol and.

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The actuator, which is a fancy word for the. It becomes known for the way it walks, popularly referred to as the. This later became the first industrial robot, completing dangerous and repetitive tasks on an assembly line at general.

This was later sold to general motors.

By the 1970s, japan was producing it own robots chris carroll wrote in national geographic: Robotic cake cutting & tray packing system. Unimate was the first industrial robot, which worked on a general motors assembly line at the inland fisher guide plant in ewing township, new the first patent for an industrial robot was awarded to george devol in 1954.more information:it was a programmable mechanical arm called unimate. Service robots, on the other hand, assist humans in their much of the research and development in robotics today is focused on making robots more autonomous by improving sensors and enabling.