Get Robot That Does The Floss Dance Pics

Get Robot That Does The Floss Dance Pics. Robot doing the floss dance, our superheroine aura take the floss dance challenge and shows how she likes to floss dance in the surface city. If you haven't watched the video of the dancing.

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An emote is the dancing fortnite characters do to mark a win or bumping off a rival, or just to kill some time. I just posted a video on instagram just for fun, only thinking about 30 russell even appeared alongside katy perry on saturday night live, wearing his signature backpack and did the floss live on television. I made a robot for fun.

Emotes are unique actions that can be done while standing in place when a player enters a specific command into chat with the prefix /e.

This is how to floss step one put your arms to your left with one behind you. At about three minutes into the video, a man does the dance. If you do not allow these cookies, you will. The visual can also be used as a brain break or brain.

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